Law and policy

“Should Mandatory Minimums in Drug Cases Require Proof of the Defendant’s Role?  A Comment on U.S. v. Dossie.”  Forum Magazine (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice), July 2012.

“Does the Fair Sentencing Act Apply to Pending Cases?” Forum Magazine (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice), April 2011.

“Analysis of New SEC Measures to Foster Cooperation: The Devil’s in the Details?” (with Thad Davis and Ashwini Jayaratnam).  Securities Law 360, June 2009.

Inaugural Moot Court Problem and Bench Memo for the American Constitution Society Constance Baker Motley National Moot Court Competition in Constitutional Law (with Keith Bradley), fall 2005.  Advisors: Michael Dorf (Cornell Law School) and Philip Genty (Columbia Law School).

“The Reagan-Meese Documents, Then and Now: Discrimination.”  Prepared for the American Constitution Society National Convention Student Retreat, 2005.


Blog posts on law and policy (as published on other blogs)

Sick of Food Deserts?  Try California FreshWorks–And Have Some Jobs on the Side.  American Constitution Society Blog (ACSBlog), July 21, 2011.

Why Soda Sucks–And What You Can Do About It:  FTC Requests Public Comment on Advertising Regulations.  With Marion Standish.  American Constitution Society Blog (ACSBlog), July 12, 2011.

Moving the Needle on Poverty: Why Nothing Works, But Everything Might.  American Constitution Society Blog (ACSBlog), June 30, 2011.

Health Care Reform, Urban Gardens, and the Public-Health Power of Real Food.  American Constitution Society Blog (ACSBlog), November 13, 2009.



‘Eternal Death’ and Imaginative Life: Sacrifice vs. Self-annihilation in the Poetry of William Blake.  Dissertation, University of Washington (1995).  Advisor: Hazard Adams (University of Washington).


The Sublime Turn Away from Empire: Wordsworth’s Encounter with Colonial Slavery, 1802Romanticism on the Net, May 2002.

‘”No Human form but Sexual’: Sensibility, chastity, and sacrifice in Blake’s Jerusalem.”  European Romantic Review, 1999.

Book reviews

Srinivas Aravamudan, Tropicopolitans: Colonialism and Agency, 1688-1804European Romantic Review, Vol. 13, 2002.

Tilottama Rajan and Julia M. Wright, eds., Romanticism, History, and the Possibilities of Genre.  Romanticism on the Net, No. 18, 2000. 

Christopher Norris, New Idols of the Cave: On the Limits of Anti-RealismRomanticism on the Net, No. 16, 1999.

Kathryn S. Freeman, Blake’s Nostos: Fragmentation and Nondualism in The Four Zoas.  European Romantic Review, Vol. 10, 1999.

Conference papers and presentations (selected)

“Haiti-France Cross-Representations: Centering the Periphery.”  Prepared for the 2000 INCS (International Nineteenth-Century Society) Conference.

Can the subaltern be heard?  The Haitian Revolution and the Romantics. Prepared for the 1999 North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference.

“Public Destinies and Private Lives: Oral Histories and Diversity in the Composition Classroom.”  Prepared for the 1999 National Council of Teachers of English Conference.

Blog posts and short articles (selected)

History in the Composition Classroom: Finding a Place in the AcademyLore: An E-Journal for Teachers of Writing.  Bedford-St. Martin’s Press, Spring 2003.